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Mission Statement:

The goal of Patient Resource LLC is to empower people who are suffering with life-altering diseases by giving them the most comprehensive and up-to-date guides to treatment and facilities for their disease free of charge. The information is written for ease of understanding and is offered in printed publications and online at PatientResource.com.

Biography of Publisher

Linette K. Atwood
Patient Resource LLC

Linette Atwood is a publisher with more than 25 years of leadership experience in medical publishing. In the early 1980s she co-founded Atwood Publishing, which set the standard in delivering news and information at major medical meetings throughout the United States. Atwood Publishing grew to be the largest company in its field. In the mid-1990s, Linette co-founded and was the Chief Executive Officer of Exhibitor Visibility Worldwide (EVW). Both companies led the way in publishing the latest advancements in treatment and care during national meetings for such prestigious medical organizations as the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Academy of Pediatrics, to name a few. The primary audience for both Atwood Publishing and EVW was doctors and other medical professionals.

Patient Resource LLC, continues the important theme of medical information and education but with a new audience: the patient. As a cancer survivor, Linette has a unique perspective on the many challenges faced by both patients and families when confronting a life-altering disease. The goal is to set a new standard in medical publishing by equipping patients with comprehensive and disease-specific resources designed to empower and heal.

Biography of Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Charles M. Balch

One of the world’s leading researchers in the fight against cancer adds another title to his impressive resume: Dr. Charles M. Balch is Editor-in-Chief of Patient Resource. His invaluable contributions mean a hopeful future for those suffering with this disease.

“Dr. Balch is a leading advocate for cancer patients everywhere,” said Linette K. Atwood publisher of Patient Resource. “With his expertise, we’re certain that cancer patients and their families will see immediate benefit. The addition of Dr. Balch as our editor-in-chief means that Patient Resources will excel as the most comprehensive cancer patient reference guide available.”

Charles M. Balch, M.D. FACS, PhD (h.c.), oncologist, surgeon, and pre-eminent international melanoma and breast cancer expert, has devoted 35 years to trailblazing research and leadership positions in academic and clinical settings. He is a renowned teacher, lecturer, and mentor in the fields of surgery and oncology, currently serving in a new position as Professor of Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and as Editor-in-Chief of Patient Resource Cancer Guides.

Dr. Balch chairs the Melanoma Staging Committee of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC). He is editor of the definitive textbook, Cutaneous Melanoma, and founding Editor-in-Chief of the “Annals of Surgical Oncology” and “Breast Diseases.” He has led global efforts to build networks in outcomes research and clinical trials, authoring more than 670 publications on clinical investigations involving such topics as the staging and prognostic factors in melanoma, standards of surgical treatment in melanoma and breast cancer, and the conduct and methodology of clinical research and immunology. His scientific publications have been cited in the biomedical literature in over 19,000 articles and he has lectured in more than 32 countries and most major U.S. academic centers.

He was recently Professor of Surgery, Oncology and Dermatology at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, and earlier held leadership positions with UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, City of Hope National Medical Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. His distinguished career includes executive positions with the American Society of Surgical Oncology, the American Board of Surgery, the Association of Academic Surgeons, the Commission on Cancer, and the American Joint Committee on Cancer.


Management Staff Directory

Linette Atwood, Publisher: latwood@patientresource.com
Dr. Charles Balch, Editor-in-Chief: cbalch@patientresource.com
Debby Easum, Senior Vice President: deasum@patientresource.com
Leann Sandifar, Vice President, Operations: lsandifar@patientresource.com
Amy Galey, Vice President, Business Development: agaley@patientresource.com
Stephanie Kenney, Vice President, Business Development: skenney@patientresource.com
Kathy Hungerford, Vice President, Business Development: khungerford@patientresource.com
Melissa Amaya, Account Executive: mamaya@patientresource.com
Jennifer Hiltunen, Production Manager: jhiltunen@patientresource.com



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