Life After Cancer
Beginning your survivor journey

You are a cancer survivor. You overcame the shock of your initial diagnosis, battled through all of the subsequent treatments and emerged victorious. It’s a feat for which you should be commended and for which you should feel grateful. Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t end when treatment stops. Your disease has placed a permanent stamp on your medical history, and it will affect both your health care needs and your lifestyle every day from here on out.

Survivorship statistics

In the United States today, there are approximately 13.7 million cancer survivors, more than half of whom are five or more years beyond their diagnoses. Early screening tests, improvements in treatment, more effective management of side effects and the development of new treatments are all credited with the increasing survival rates.

The cancer community has realized that with more and more survivors comes the responsibility to continue care beyond treatment. In a perfect world, survivorship would mean an instant return to the way things were pre-cancer. In reality, that just isn’t the case. Recovery – both physical and mental – takes time, education and a tremendous amount of patience.

As you begin your survivor journey, read more about how you can thrive in your life after cancer.




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