About Us

Mission Statement:

The goal of Patient Resource LLC is to empower people who are suffering with life-altering diseases by giving them the most comprehensive and up-to-date guides to treatment and facilities for their disease free of charge. The information is written for ease of understanding and is offered in printed publications and online at PatientResource.com.


Management Staff Directory

Dr. Charles Balch, Editor-in-Chief: cbalch@patientresource.com
Debby Easum, Senior Vice President: deasum@patientresource.com
Leann Sandifar, Vice President, Operations: lsandifar@patientresource.com
Amy Galey, Vice President, Business Development: agaley@patientresource.com
Kathy Hungerford, Vice President, Business Development: khungerford@patientresource.com
Elaina Smith, Production Manager: esmith@patientresource.com



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