Healthy Habits for Life

Every day, you make choices about the food you eat, yet you probably don’t consider how each sandwich or dessert may affect your future health. Every bite counts, especially after a cancer diagnosis. Scientists continue to link the effects of good – and poor – nutrition to overall wellness and the risk of disease (including cancer). Some research indicates that better nutrition might even promote faster healing from surgeries and other invasive procedures and increase the success rate of cancer treatment.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, you may feel as if you don’t have much control in your life, and nutrition may be the last thing on your mind. Although you can’t prevent some types of cancer and health issues, you can control most of your lifestyle choices. Learn as much as you can about your diagnosis and how nutrition can be a valuable part of treatment. Use your knowledge to partner with your health care team. While they lead the way medically, you can focus on a proper diet, getting physical exercise and achieving emotional wellness. This approach will serve you well after treatment into survivorship, too.

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