Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Medication Adherence

Taking the right treatment in the right dose at the right time – every time – is referred to as medication adherence. Whether you are taking oral therapy (pills) or getting intravenous (IV) treatments, you are responsible for taking your treatment just as your doctor intends to get the maximum benefit. The consequences of not doing so can be serious.

Set yourself up to succeed. These suggestions may help:

  • Ask your pharmacist to explain how to take your medicine and about possible drug interactions.
  • Keep a treatment diary. Track each treatment, including missed doses or appointments, and detail any side effects. If you miss a dose or appointment, let your health care team know so they can determine whether you should make it up immediately or wait until your next scheduled time.
  • Set up reminders for taking your medicine and scheduling refills. A reminder can be an alarm on your clock or phone.